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👋Looking to start your career, but not sure where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our traineeships are focused on one thing: making you the very best in digital! To get to know our specializations in digital, we are organizing an in-house day to tell you all the ins and outs about the traineeships and Newcraft!


Ready to rumble? Come to our in-house day on Thursday 9th of November and taste the vibe at our office!





The traineeships of Future Accelerators are powered by Newcraft: the best place to kick-start your career in digital! Newcraft employs digital pros with years of experience. They work with the hottest (international) brands and want to share their knowledge with YOU! Because we believe that the best way to learn about the digital landscape is to roll up your sleeves.


So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do during the in-house day 💥






Who this be for?!

For who?

Have you just started working on your thesis? Or have you just graduated and are exploring the job market? Do you have the ambition to become the best in digital marketing? Then be sure to drop by, we’re here for you! 🔥


Better together 🫶

Bring a +1

Together is much more fun than alone right?. So bring a friend and get an awesome goodie bag for you and your +1!  Of course, we’ll keep secret about what’s in there for now… 🤫


What can I expect?

The day itself

We hear you thinking… What does such an in-house day look like?


From around 13:15 you’re welcome at our office in Amsterdam! We start at 13:30 with an introduction per traineeship, telling you all the ins and outs.


Time to shine ✨

To give you a sneak peek in the digital world, you’ll work on a case and briefly present it to us. Show us what you’ve got! 🔥


And last but not least, we will of course end with drinks!


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