Content Marketing

12 months


Are you curious about the creative minds behind the catchy texts you read online? Do you wonder why you come across relevant content at exactly the right time? Do you describe yourself as a creative mastermind? Then our Content Marketing traineeship is definitely for you!

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Become a Content specialist in one year

As a content marketing trainee, you immediately put to work everything you learn during the weekly training courses you will follow by working on various content projects for challenging clients. To start off, you will write a lot of content that is valuable for the reader and thus become a pro at copywriting anyway.


But that is not all!

You will also work on strategies and creation on various platforms such as Pinterest and TikTok to achieve more organic results through various channels for our clients. In addition, throughout the year you will have the opportunity to develop your consultancy skills through daily collaboration with trainees, colleagues and our clients. This allows you to identify your strengths and sources of motivation and to shape your learning process all by yourself.


Get ready to accelerate

In the first quarter of your traineeship, you and your fellow trainees from other specialisms will attend training in all facets of digital. Commerce, SEO, Content marketing, Paid marketing, Retail, CRM & MA, you name it. This way, you will have a strong digital foundation after the first quarter and collaborating with colleagues from other teams will be a piece of cake.

To help a client grow digitally by making use of all owned & earned channels, we have built the traineeship up into the following pillars;

Hard skills

Spot content gaps from the customer journey and create, write, edit and distribute valuable content for this with and without the help of AI.


Discover the secrets of creating catchy texts, both on website and social media platforms such as Pinterest and Tiktok.

Soft Skills

Learn how to give a kick-ass presentation, embody the expertise of a consultant and be as efficient as possible with your time


About you

  • 1

    Driven, proactive, results-oriented, a can-do mentality and you are full of energy.

  • 2

    You are a creative mastermind.

  • 3

    A Bachelor or Master diploma.

  • 4

    0-2 years of working experience.

  • 5

    You speak, write and read fluently in Dutch.

  • 6

    A real passion to become a Content expert.

Sounds like you?

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Cards with traineeships

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