Paid marketing

12 months

Starts 01.09.2023

Do you ever click on an ad in Google when you search for something? Are you also curious why you get to see those Instagram ads? Does social media make you happy, do you know how to excite consumers and how to generate conversions for your clients? Then the Paid Marketing traineeship is for you! Learn all the tricks of the trade under the guidance of top professionals.


Become a campaign & Google Platform specialist in one year 🚀

We strongly believe that the quickest way to learn is to get to work. You will be trained on the job to become a professional. During your traineeship you will follow trainings in paid marketing. You will also start working directly for great, well-known clients. During various projects you will apply your knowledge to ensure that the online results go through the roof. No worries, you don’t have to do everything on your own just yet. The team consists of the best paid marketing specialists in the business who want to teach you everything they know!

The projects you get to work on are very different. From optimizing a kick-ass social or SEA campaign to setting up an entire account from scratch. Together with a talent coach, you will set ambitious goals to get the best out of your traineeship. You will be challenged to develop your technical and creative skills and you can fully determine your own learning curve.


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Get ready to accelerate

In the first quarter of your traineeship, you and your fellow trainees will attend training in all aspects of digital. Commerce, SEO, Content marketing, Paid marketing, Retail, CRM & MA, you name it. This way, you will have a strong digital foundation after the first quarter and collaborating with colleagues from other teams will become a piece of cake.

To kickstart your digital career in Paid Marketing, we have built the traineeship in the following three pillars;

Hard skills

Set up campaigns, optimization in Google Ads and social advertising channels such as TikTok, Instagram & Facebook ads.


You will be fully immersed in Google Marketing Platform.

Soft skills

You will learn how to give a kick-ass presentation, become a pro at managing your time and learn how to effortlessly lead a conversation by mastering your consulting skills.


About you

  • 1

    Driven, sociable, results-oriented, a can-do mentality and you are full of energy.

  • 2

    A social team player with a commercial outlook and a keen eye for commercial opportunities.

  • 3

    A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

  • 4

    Marketing, Economics or Business Studies is a must.

  • 5

    0-2 years working experience.

  • 6

    A real passion to become a digital expert.

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